Snowflake default schema

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We've been using metabase for a while and we have some snowflake connections created using v0.40.3.1 and others using v0.46.6.4.

In version v0.40.3.1 we had to specify a schema when creating the connection, and although that option is now missing from the UI, it seems like it is still in effect somewhere in the connection data, since we can still query data without specifying the schema for these connections.

Now, in v0.46.6.4 (and at least since v0.42.2) this option is not available and using the schema parameter as an additional jdbc parameter is also not working (as mentioned in issue #27856). Could it be that this parameter that is hidden (therefore null for new connections) but still in effect is taking precedence over the schema hardcoded in the jdbc options?

Is there any way to set a schema for metabase to use by default knowing that the jdbc parameter is being ignored?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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I would suggest you check the code and open a PR to fix the issue if possible. Unfortunately we donโ€™t know whatโ€™s the current cause :slightly_frowning_face: