Solution for permission by table row data

I have a Table name “App_List” that have many apps row inside

Now I want to use that row to grant permission to People in Metabase system. is there any way to do this?

For example, App_List have 3 Rows:
app_id app_name
game1 Game 1
game2 Game 2
game3 Game 3

And now I want to People 1can only see data join with game1, user 2 only see data that select with game2 and so on

The real usage would be each team leader only see the report and data of the game that belongs to them.

This has been discussed frequently in the past.
2 options:

  1. Pay for the Enterprise edition.
  2. Embed the charts and pass a parameter in code

Hi @AndrewMBaines Thank for you help
Could you please explain more how to do in option 2 ( 1. Embed the charts and pass a parameter in code)

As I said, this has been discussed many times. Search the forum, there’s no point having the same thing repeated in multiple threads.