[SOLVED] Add RDS postgresql database issues

I have Metabase V0.30.4 up and running fine (AWS Elastic Beanstalk/Docker per guide) and connected to my companies postgres database (hosted by amazon, not under my control). Works great. I am now trying to add a second postgres database (call it db2). db2 is a postgres 10.4 database on RDS. I can access it fine via python and pgAdmin4 from my mac. It times out trying to add this database in Metabase, looking for ideas/suggestions. Thanks.

Try the troubleshooting guide at the link below for database connections:

My initial guess would be a network routing/access rights issue given your Metabase is at a different location than your desktop…

[solved] The incoming allowed ip’s of the RDS postgres db were not open enough to allow the elastic beanstalk instance running Metabase to have access. All better now, thank you.