[SOLVED] Alerts, Pulses and line graphs

I’m running 0.30.2.

The documentation shows very nice alerts and pulses with graphs being previewed. However, I recently needed to show a line graph in an alert and am unable to get it to work. I’ve tried both native and custom queries and set them up as line graphs when you open the questions (it even has the line-graph icon beside it in the collection). What’s the trick to getting a line graph to show up in an alert or pulse?

You can also optionally include the results of a saved question in an emailed pulse as a .csv or .xls file attachment. Just click the paperclip icon on an included saved question to add the attachment. Click the paperclip again to remove the attachment.

Currently, there are a few restrictions on what kinds of saved questions you can put into a pulse:

Raw data questions are capped to 10 columns and 20 rows. For emailed pulses, the rest of the results will be included automatically as a file attachment, with a limit of 2,000 rows.
Pivot tables will be cropped to a maximum of three columns and 10 rows.
Bar charts (and pie charts which get turned into bar charts) will be cropped to one column for the labels, one column for the values, and 10 total rows.

Thanks Vikram, but this is not my issue. I’ve created a question that shows a line graph. That line graph does not, however, show up in either the alert or pulse… I get raw data instead. Based on the documentation I expected to be able to see line graphs. And it doesn’t appear that line graphs have any documented limitations. I thought it may be related to the amount of data returned by my query, but I reduced that to 4 rows and 3 columns, however, I still get raw data instead of my line graph.

Do you have any suggestions on how to get a line graph to show up in my pulse/alert?


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I just did a quick test on 0.30.2 with a pulse and line graph. Works fine.

To test:
Create a simple line chart using the sample data. Create a new pulse with the new question and send.
I get:

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I see. I spent a while today trying different permutations of my query until I finally reached a sufficiently simple one that showed the line graph. It appears you can only have 2 columns of data for a line graph to show up in an alert/pulse, and regardless of what type of graph you set in the question the alert/pulse can choose a bar chart instead if it wants to - for instance, tidying up the time-series data to show a simplified date/time (MM-DD H24:MI) value is sufficient for the alert/pulse code to ignore the line graph setting for the question and insert a bar chart instead.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.