[SOLVED] Error when embedding dashboard

Hi every body,

I am trying to publish a dashboard with php (v 5.6).

I have read the doc and put my code to generate url (with JWT simple file class : https://github.com/rmcdaniel/angular-codeigniter-seed/blob/master/api/application/helpers/jwt_helper.php

but And i have a error : “Un problème est survenu lors de l’affichage de ce graphique.”

herewith my code

        $metabaseSiteUrl = '';
        $metabaseSecretKey = '8811a0c33cccf91f568c9285fe16310c9cba05ad32d1289ee22b128eef64ba21';
        $payload = array();
        $payload['resource'] = ['dashboard' => 33];
        $payload['params'] = [];
        $token = JWT::encode($payload, $metabaseSecretKey);

         $iframeUrl = "$metabaseSiteUrl/embed/dashboard/$token#bordered=true&titled=true";

Thanks for any help


ps : solution : just modify params line with empty param value like this : $payload[‘params’] = [‘param’ => ‘’];