[SOLVED] Field Filter: ORA00904 error

Hi. I’m trying to use a field filter on this query:
select card_id, operationdate, ticket_id, tfxmz, HCXIM
where regtype in (1,2,11)
and operationdate >= to_date(‘01/01/2020’,‘dd/mm/yyyy’)
and {{atm}}

I selected the correct schema, table and column in the filter configuration but when the query is executed, an ORA00904 error is shown (ORA-00904: “COGA”.“LOGRECHARGE”.“ATM_ID” not a valid identifier). What can cause this?

Hi @RafaJ
On Oracle, you have to define the full FROM-clause as FROM "schema"."table" when using Field Filters

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I thought I had tried that but seems I was wrong. Thank you.