[SOLVED] Limited table filters available for dashboard filtering

I am having trouble adding a specific filter to a dashboard. While on the dashboard edit page, when I select ‘Other Categories’ from the ‘Add a Filter’ dropdown button, a new select box appears on each card in the dashboard. All cards reference the same table. When I click the select box on the cards, I am given the option to select one of only eight fields on the table. The table has 31 fields. The field I would like to filter by is not available for selection.

How do I make a table field available for selection when creating a dashboard filter?

I figured it out. In the data model I set the column type to ‘Category’.

Admin Panel > Data Model > [table]

What type of information was in that column, and what is its underlying type in the database? Had it been assigned a different data model type in Metabase automatically before you changed it to Category?

For context, I’m working locally. The column has text information, varchar(255) on a MySql db. I can’t say for sure, but I believe there was no type assigned by default. I checked our prod environment and there is no default type assigned to this column, and most columns, in the data model. Other columns locally and on prod have default type assignations. Some are meaningful, like IDs and timestamps. Others seem random, although that could just be a gap in my knowledge as I am new to Metabase.