[Solved] Not able to upgrade to latest version 0.31.1

I am following the below steps to upgrade as i am running the stand alone jar. I am not able upgrade to latest version. Any suggestions?

If you are running the JVM Jar file directly, then you simply kill the process, replace the .jar file with the newer version and restart the server. On startup, Metabase will perform any upgrade tasks it needs to perform, and once it’s finished you’ll be running the new version.

What exactly is happenning to you? Try to describe it better. When you run the java command, what happens? I think you need to describe your problem more clearly, so you can get help.

I am currently on 0.31.0 version of Metabase.
I am trying to upgrade to 0.31.1 , To migrate i just killed the existing Metabase process and replace the latest Jar in the directory and ran the service.
After that when i login to the metabase interface in the update section i am still seeing like “Metabase 0.31.1 is available. You’re running 0.31.0”

Please suggest what step i am missing

The procedure is totally right, nothing missing there. Where did you get the 0.31.1 jar file?

When you click the download button on metabase site, this is where the link goes:

Try this: http://downloads.metabase.com/v0.31.1/metabase.jar

@maz , @camsaul I think metabase main page link has not been updated.

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Ok thank you so much for the info.:grinning:

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Im having the same issue, the jar file linked on the main page is still V31.0

Link for the latest jar

Sorry about this, all. We spotted this error and updated the .jar file on metabase.com/start on Thursday last week in case anyone was wondering.

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@maz Thanks for updating :grinning: