[SOLVED] Some questions regarding Metabase deployment

Hello, my company is evaluating how to proceed with Metabase deployment.

Our needs: we have developed a nutrition web-app that has a "stats" module for which (in demo) we already use Metabase (deployed on Heroku), and we're really satisfied with it. Since the app is almost ready to go in production, we are trying to figure out what's the best way to proceed for us, given that:

  1. (a) every client that will use the app, will have its subdomain (eg: client1.webapp.it, client2.webapp.it); alternatively, (b) we could use a single domain like metabase.webapp.it where each user logs in with their credentials to see the dashboard
  2. we want each user to be able to only see the dashboard associated to their account (however, only we can create new MB users and change their permissions)
  3. we want the users to be able to export the data from the dashboard: to do so I think I understood the user would necessarily needs to login, because it's not possible to do so from the public link

So my questions are:

  1. can we do all of this with a single instance of Metabase or do we need to have multiple instances? I think that with (a) we're forced to have multiple instances, but maybe with (b) we can only use one instance
  2. if we go with Metabase Cloud, do we need to pay 85$/month per instance of MB?
  3. if we decide to get an AWS/Azure machine, what would the recommended specs be to run MB without troubles? How do we scale these specs with the quantity of instances we need on a single machine? (like, do we just multiply the single MB instance requirements for the number of instances)

Thank you in advance

Hi @MC23
1a) If you do this, then you would have completely separated instances, but also a much higher maintenance load.
1b) You can do that and separate the users with permissions: https://www.metabase.com/learn/permissions/collection-permissions
2) Yes, each instance on Metabase Cloud is a separate server, so unless an Enterprise contract is created, then the price will be for each instance.
3) It's difficult to give you specific numbers, since it depends on usage/load. Have a look at https://www.metabase.com/learn/administration/metabase-at-scale

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Thank you for the fast and complete answer!