[Solved] Using Saved Questions and Dashboards on New Data Sources?

This is a question about the ability to create Questions and Dashboards using one data source, perhaps even on 1 server, and then export / import / share those so that another user with the same schema but a different data source can use them without having to rebuild them.

For instance, I create a dashboard called Sales by Region, and then “share” that for companies using my software to implement in their own install of Metabase, or on their own data source in a shared install of Metabase. Maybe this is 2 questions, 1 for separate installs, and 1 for shared install separate data sources.

Anyway, is there a way to do this today?

Thansk for the amazing software!

Hi @bmcgonag
That’s not possible, since the way Metabase sync data from the database would not create the same IDs in the metadata.
There’s a feature in the Enterprise Edition called Serialization, which is made for migrating data between instances.
For the community edition, you can probably do most of it by using the API, but it would require that you code your integration:

Ok, thank you. I appreciate the quick response. I’ll take a look at the APIs.