Some questions/feature requests about the Pulse feature

Hi guys

First of all, thanks for this wonderful tool. We have just implemented it in our company’s local network via docker. We really like the pulse feature and are using it quite a bit. Some things I want to say about it about it:

  1. Daily email time settings are limited. I can only choose hours from the given limited set. I’d like to be able to enter a custom time.

  2. There should be more customizability in the email that the pulse sends out. (company branding/ fonts / images / hyperlinks / custom quotes / subject?)

  3. I added a slack integration by one name but the pulse being sent out to the slack channel is being done by ‘Metabot’. Why is that? and to add metabot to a channel I need to add the bot I named not metabot itself.

  4. Pulse emailers have width/number of columns in a table limitations. Some graphs which are rendering fine in the questions page are not rendering the same when included in the pulse.

  5. I wish there were more visualization options, perhaps interactive like the js libraries nvd3 etc. I find visualization customizations are really lacking and I don’t have full control there.

  6. How can I send the same pulse to multiple slack channels? Can I send to private channels?

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Hi all,
I would like to add to this request by having the possibility that the pulse info (for example the number shown in the pulse email) is linked to a dashboard that I can choose rather than the question itself.
As business case: when I send our board the number of revenue on a daily basis the board would like to jump from there to the dashboard that shows what is going on in total in different cards, rather than the question where the answer was already shown in the pulse email.

I hope its understandable what I mean and it would be great if that would be a new feature!
Thanks, Eva

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Thanks for the feedback.

  1. We agree that these settings are limited. I created some designs to potentially address this. We’d love help implementing these changes if that’s something you’re interested in tackling.
  2. This might be something we consider as part of an overall white labeling feature.
  3. I think this is because “Metabot” is the “name” of the bot, but its username is whatever you assigned to it.
  4. This feature request is being discussed and tracked in GitHub.
  5. In Pulses, or in Metabase in general? What additional customization options would you specifically like to see?
  6. This is a limitation currently due to the way this feature is implemented.

Hi guys, I am trying to send data that is very graphic in nature, the raw data isn’t particularly useful. Is there any work going into to allowing a more complicated line graph image to be sent via pulse? I tried searching for some updates on this feature and havent been able to find much. Sorry if I missed something.