Sorting on columns with custom expressions

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I’ve run into an issue with sorting columns with custom expressions, specifically it seems that sorting columns with named expressions doesn’t work. I’ve tried different browsers and different databases (H2 and BigQuery). Is there any workaround for this problem?

Github issue

I’ve just tried 0.22 version and sorting doesn’t work there either. So it seems to be just an unimplemented feature and not a bug? The only workaround I found is to add the question to the dashboard where sorting works fine. Are there any plans regarding this feature? Seems to be very important to be able to sort columns.

Hi, this seems still to be a problem in v0.28 - when I use custom fields to created a new metric I can sort by this field, but not by a custom expression. This seems to be a bug?

Yup - the above link to the GitHub issue also classifies it at a bug (and not an enhancement request) …

I’ve put this thread into the new category as well

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