Specific cards not working on embedded dashboards

Hi everyone,

Strange occurrence I’m running into after upgrading to 0.28.4. I have two dashboards that I embed for end users that are showing the error icon (triangle with exclamation point) for specific cards.

When I view the dashboards in Metabase, they are working and displaying fine. When I look at the embedded preview, they are displaying the error icon as well.

Should we just re-create the cards and try adding them back to the dashboards?

Let me know if the above makes sense…


You’re probably getting bitten by an bug introduced around 0.24.4 … see what’s being worked on for 0.25.5.

If you need that particular feature to work - rollback which should be safe according to the core devs:

@jornh Thanks for the response, the strange thing is is that we updated from 0.27 so I think something else might be going on.

I see that 0.28.5 was released and has a memory consumption line item, I might give that a try today and see if anything clears up before rolling back.

Yep 0.28.4 definitely had issues with some cards in embedded dashboards - I can confirm one error variant:

{:status :failed, :class clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo, :error "Input to value-for-tag does not match schema: [nil (named [{:default disallowed-key}] params)]

got fixed in 0.28.5. So that’s the one you want to go with. Otherwise and your error slipped through there as well I think you should report it on GitHub with a stack trace for the core devs to look into.

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Is there an FAQ on how to get stack traces? Will definitely be happy to get involved on Git!

Hmm sorry, maybe I should just have said “the full log output when the error happens” (you never know how much tech-lingo people here are familiar with :wink:). In Metabase you can always get the log in the top right menu under Logs.

Anyways, here’s hoping that you wont need this info and =.28.5 just runs fine for your!

Upgrading to 0.28.5 has solved the issue!

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