Specific Chart Creation Assistance

I’m not great with creating charts so was hoping someone could assist with the best way to see the data I am wanting, and how to put it together - I sell products, and want to see which products sell the best based on the amount of views that they have.

I have charts showing the sales - which in theory are your best products. Then I have charts that show the views - and some products with not as many views have fairly high sales - so I’m looking for a chart that merges this information and rates the products.

Can anyone help with what type of chart is best to visualize this with? (there are a LOT of products, so maybe doing it by brand is better) - and how to go about setting it up?

Hi @londonberlin

That’s a somewhat difficult question to answer - and depends on your specific data structure.

When you have “a lot” of data, then sometimes using a graph isn’t an option, if you need to distinguish between every result.
I would probably list the products in a table and then use the “Mini bar chart” available under the Visualization settings :gear: :

Otherwise, I would recommend that you try using the X-rays feature, which generates some dashboards based on your data. It’s not magic, so it needs a proper database structure or at least a good Data Model to work with.