Sql Parameters : query params to filter individual questions

Hi Folks
Congratulations on yet another brilliant release :slight_smile:

I was trying to understand the differences between vanilla and Field Filter variable types.
I can see how the Field Filters are used in dashboards. And how URLs can be configured with params to automatically filter the dashboard (and hence the widgets). But had questions on the vanilla type.

  1. I can also see how the vanilla type can be used to filter the question manually on the question page itself. But I was not able to pass a query param to this question (card) URL to automatically filter it by the requested param.
    Is this by design ? Am I missing something ?
  2. Also, while using a vanilla variable on the question page, I am not able configure it as a category, as on the dashboard filters page. This means that I cannot see a drop down with values to chose from. Again, am I missing something ?
  3. Somewhat related : on the dashboard filters, is it possible to have a multi-select dropdown for the category ? So a user can select multiple values of the filter at the same time ?