SQL query to filter the value out by using variable

SQL query: how to filter out on SQL query, Eg user key in the value in the filter and will apply IS NOT on that value that the user key in

i did try

WHERE xxx NOT IN {{ aaa }}
but cannot work

I did try using

WHERE xxx <> {{ aaa }}, it can work but once i apply filter then error message:
ERROR: invalid input syntax for type boolean:

Hi @trouble_maker
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting, and the database type you are querying.
And the filter type you are using.
Most databases require a parenthesis when using IN operator:
WHERE xxx NOT IN ({{aaa}})

@trouble_maker Latest release is 0.44.1.
I don't know which filter type you are using, nor your column types. The error you are seeing is returned from Redshift, so try looking at the query log in Redshift to figure out what is happening, and explicitly cast as it hints.

Hi @flamber, this problem has been resolved, thanks !

i used
[[WHERE {{aaa}} IS FALSE]]