SQL Question Saving failed

When I trying to save a SQL question(a complex and long SQL). The “Saving failed” message is shown. I have already upgraded our metabase from 33.6 to 34.1 and confirmed utf8mb4 collation in our metabase database in MySQL.


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Anybody can provide help and advise

You need to check some of the previous answers to similar questions to see if any are relevant.
Then provide details on the databases (both Metabase’s and the datasource of the question).
First, I’d just up the spec of the server to test if that’s the problem.

FWIW we have noticed this happening for MySQL queries as well when it is more complex than a simple select and summary. I still have no idea why though.

Try upgrading to 0.34.2 - there has been several changes, so now the MySQL application database is converted to utf8mb4 automatically, which should solve a lot of the problems for most people.

If you’re still having problems, then check Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs, when the save fails - there should be errors around the same time.

Wow awesome, it finally saves, it feels like so long we had this issue, but now its resolved! Thanks to you and the team!