SQL Server Forced Encryption

We are migrating our current MS SQL database from one provider to another provider. The new provider requires that MS SQL connections use encryption. When configuring the new server information in Metabase, I instantly get an error stating that the server connection was reset or denied. The error on the MS SQL server states, that the client does not support encryption, and that I should upgrade the client to one that does.

There is no option to force encryption on the settings panel for MS SQL. I tried manually setting the SSL setting in the metabase database for this connection to “true” and I am getting the same error.

Has anyone ran into this issue before and know how to fix it? Turning off the encryption requirement on the servers is not an option, I have already asked.

Have you tried any custom connection string options? I can’t test, but this article (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/connect/jdbc/connecting-with-ssl-encryption) mentions using encrypt=true

Not yet. Where and how do you set custom connection strings beyond what is made available via the UI?