SSL with JAR file on Windows and Embedding


I am new to Metabase. It’s flat out fantastic, and we figured out most of it, but running into 2 issues:

1 - How do I add SSL to the JAR version of metabase in Windows? Just can not figure this out. Are there step by step instructions?
2 - We are not that familiar with the JSON package and not able to figure out how to embed into a .net application properly. Are there any instructions for that?

If needed, I don’t mind hiring a consultant for a couple of hours to help sort this out. We would love to use this program, just running into a couple of final roadblocks.

1 - SSL setup see the operations guide:

Oh, and you mention you’re on Windows so the export MB_<var> Unix-isms translates to setting environment variables, so would be SET MB_<var> = <value> on Windows in a cmd prompt.

The guide above is not really step-by-step but I think has only one prerequisite: Getting your SSL certificate into the Java keystore. That is really not a Metabase specific problem, but something generic to Java with loads of guides on the net. Use Java’s keytool or if you prefer GUI I can recommend

An alternative to configuring Metabase directly with SSL would be to place a reverse proxy like e.g Apache, Nginx, Caddy (probably also IIS) in front of Metabase to offload SSL. Depends on your existing skill set, environment etc. what you would prefer here…

2 - Not sure what you mean by “the JSON package”? For embedding into a .NET application the fabulous @AndrewMBaines recently shared his JWT embedding with .Net post in here