SSO enabled, password disabled, but still have to set up password?

Should it be working this way?

We have Enterprise and have SSO set up, with password logins disabled.

When I invite someone to Metabase, it asks them to set up a password. Then says “Password login is disabled for this instance.”

Shouldn’t it just take them to the SSO login screen?

Hi @spraguey
Please use for questions or problems with the Enterprise Edition.
If you are using SSO, then you don’t need to invite people - just share the URL for Metabase and they will automatically be created during first login.
The invitation emails are meant for email logins, which some are using for outside contractors together with their SSO for company employees.

Okay, I will email support. But in response, I’d like to be able to set up user accounts and permissions before they log in. The only way to do that is to create their account, which sends an invite.

To accomplish this without creating the account first, I have to ask the user to log in and not do anything, then I go set up permissions afterwards. It’s an awkward workflow. Would be better if it just did not send an invite, and I could email them myself after their permissions are correct.