Static IP Address for metabase on AWS

Our SQL Server is behind a IP whitelist. I’m attempting to host metabase on AWS beanstalk inside of a VPC with a static IP address. So far I haven’t been able to get it running with the VPC I setup following AWS docs.

Am I going about this the right way or is there another approach to achieve a static ip address for metabase on AWS? I’m capable of assigning a range of ip address in the whitelist although that’s not my preference.

To the best of my knowledge, elastic load balancers (which beanstalk puts in front of the application server) don’t provide static ips as AWS will transparently migrate them as they rebalance load.

If you need a static IP, you should probably run Metabase on an EC2 instance with an elastic IP. This won’t provide automatic failover and all the other niceties of beanstalk however.

Not sure which option you should take (opening up ip ranges to access your DB vs running Metabase on your own), but I think it’s an either/or situation.