Sticky general filters

I created indicators through the graphical interface of Metabase and added these indicators on dashboards with global filters.

However, when I want to modify the indicator itself, if I go to it through the dashboard, the value of the dashboard filters stays.

As instance, if I set Last 7 days on a date general filter and I click on the indicator, I will still have Last 7 days.

This can be troublesome as when modifying the query in the GUI, it registers the date filter as permanent, so when I switch back to the dashboard and I change the general filter from Last 7 days to Last 30 days as instance, the chart do not update as the filter Last 7 days was registered when modifying it.

Hi @dynnammo
I don't think I'm understanding what the problem is. Can you describe it with steps-to-reproduce or video/screenshots, so there's more context?
And include "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.