Storing IP of the user

I’m looking for a way to see how many distinct people see a public dashboard. I looked into the internal db of Metabase, and found the table query_execution, which under the column “context” specifies whether the query was for a public dashboard. Is it possible (i.e. isn’t it against any of Metabase policies) to store the IP address of the user as a column in this table (or somewhere else)? If privacy is an issue, the IP addresses can be hashed before storage in the database.

I originally commented under this issue.

Hi @King_Edward
There’s definitely some data privacy laws that will cause some problems - GDPR and friends.
I will refer to whatever Matomo (Piwik) is doing as the way it should be anonymized.
If you’re running a reverse-proxy, then you can do logging there. I’m sure you could set some level of logging in Jetty too, but I haven’t looked.