Suddenly unable to view data / query tables within a database

At the company I work at, we have multiple databases connected to metabase.

However for 1 of them, suddenly today we can no longer view the data within the tables / query the database. It just times out. Queries were working fine against the database yesterday.

Queries against the other databases are still working.

I have:

  • checked the user metabase is connected with has access to the tables via another tool (it can)
  • re-scanned the database via admin
  • checked the tables are visible in the data model (they are)
  • checked the permissions of the table (although shouldn't matter as i'm an admin & have unrestricted access)

Unsure what else could possibly be the problem. Any suggestions?

Hi @TimH_Euc
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Without seeing the logs, then it's difficult to tell what is going on. Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.
Go to Admin > Databases > (db) > just click "Save changes" - this tries to re-create connections, but that doesn't always work, so sometime it would require a restart of Metabase.

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Thank you very much flamber! re-saving the conn details worked :slight_smile: