Summarise by day or month

In my metabase notebook, I am trying to get the number of distinct dates in a datetime field.

Metabase allows me to summarise by week, but it is possible to change this to month or day?

In the group by section, we can easily make this change but in the summary section, week is auto selected for me and I do not see the option to choose.

Thank you!

Hi @yxteh
When you select the distinct field, then you get the option to select binning:

@flamber, I dont see it on my side :frowning:

Is there something I need to do to enable this?
Currently running metabase 0.42.4 locally in a docker container.

@yxteh Binning of metrics was only added in 43.

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Hello everyone. Is there a reason why not all dates can be grouped by month?

Checked the field types as an admin and they are both dates but somehow not both can be grouped monthly


please post diagnostic info