Super new to Metabase and databases

I’m having trouble adding a database to my Metabase application…

I have the app run in Azure and I’m not sure how to add the postgresql using ports? and host name?

Could anyone specify how to connect to the db
(I get :org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: Connection refused. Check that the hostname and port are correct and that the postmaster is accepting TCP/IP connections.) how can I connect to my local psql db??

Please…I need to get this done by tomorrow

thank you!

It sounds like you have a significant tooling problem!

To clarify: you have Metabase running on Azure, but you’re trying to connect to a ‘local’ Postgres database?

Unless there is some way to connect to your Postgres instance (via ‘public’ address/port), you won’t be able to get that ‘cloud’ instance of Metabase to connect to some ‘local’ database without some ‘magic’… can you not run Metabase in a more ‘local’ way?

Are you trying to use this Postgres database as the storage/backend
for Metabase, or are you trying to use the database as a target for Metabase ‘questions’? Either way, access will be a problem from what you’ve described…

I might not be clear on this ( I’m sorry I have little experience in servers and database)

but I thought there would be a way to access a .sql file that is stored in the Azure Ubuntu machine since its the place that my Metabase instance is run on

So I would need to setup a Postgres database on, for example on Heroku, for my Metabase server to access the db?

thank you so much for the comment

The .sql file won’t do anything on its own – you’ll need some kind of database ‘engine’ supported by Metabase.

If the database on ‘host:port’ is accessible from the Metabase server, it should work…

thank you!