Switching to SQL syntax gives empty filter values

its not a big issue but a bit of an annoying one: When I start with a question in the metabase query builder and then switch to SQL syntax to redefine the question or add additional stuff that is not possible in the metabase query builder, all filter entries are replaced with β€œ?”:

WHERE ((bi_donation_values.tracking_channel = ?
OR bi_donation_values.tracking_channel = ?)
AND bi_donation_values.donation_status = ?

I have to enter the filters again what could lead to mistakes.

Would be great if this could be fixed!
Thx, Eva

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It’d be great if this could be addressed!!

Could then also become a great tool for people to brush up on their SQL too.


Looks like this is being addressed - see: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/pull/5213

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Hi, this still happens in v0.27 and is not fixed yet …