Sync: what kind of data is actually synced?

Hi there,

I read about syncing in the MetaBase docs. However, I don’t fully understand what kind of data is actually transfered into the metabase internal database. Is all my data duplicated for metabase to be able to report it? Or is it only some kind of cache where active datasets, user info, … are stored.

If it is actually storing my data, does that mean I cannot report on real-time data?


We don’t do any caching. “Syncing” refers to making sure our model of your data, as well as some metadata we use to power the ui is in sync with what is actually in your database. So for example, if you drop a table, we’ll notice that on the next sync but would still expose it in the query interface until then.

Ok, great! Thanks for your answer. It was a bit unclear from the docs :smile:

Trying out as we speak…