Syncing all databases from a database server

I wanted to understand if it possible to establish a database connection but without specifically adding a specific database. I want my questions to be written in the following pattern - SELECT * FROM db_name.table when I connect to a SQL server.

Is this something Metabase is designed to do?

Hi @arpit.goyal
I don't know which database type you are using, but the format looks like schemas and not databases.
If schemas, then yes.

I am using a MySQL database hosted on RDS.

So my expectation is this

when I establish a db connection in the following image -

I have to provide a database name that is a required field. I don't want to establish the connection to a specific database but just set the connection to the database server and then let metabase sync up all the databases in that database server.

@arpit.goyal MySQL works very differently from other databases, which uses schemas.
But it is not supported: