Tab crash when pie chart selected

I am running into an issue when attempting to display the results of a query as a pie chart. The query executes perfectly and the results display fine as a table, but when I select pie chart the chrome tab crashes. Metabase continues to run, and if I go back in the browser the table with my query results pops up no problem. This is especially strange to me since this was all working normally just a few days ago. I even have the question which runs the query and displays it as a pie chart saved to one of my dashboards, but now when I try to load that dashboard the chrome tab crashes. Any thoughts?

Update: The tab only crashes when I add a filter selecting data from the last 7 days. Turns out the crash specifically relates to using Days in the time based filter, using 1 week instead works fine

Update 2: The crash does not occur in Firefox, so this appears to be an issue specific to Chrome

Update 3: I have now also tested this question in Internet Explorer, Opera and Vivaldi browsers. The crash only occurs in Chrome, although both Vivaldi and Opera demonstrate massive UI lag when executing this question (again, only when filtered by Days). Firefox works well, although it does also begin to lag a bit on this question (no where near as much as the others).

Hmm, sorry for the trouble you’re having. What kind of database are you using? Are you on Mac/Linux/Windows? Which version of Metabase are you running? How many rows are returned in your query, and how many pie slices do you have?

-Database is in MariaDB, hosted on a Windows Server machine.
-Client is running on Windows 7
-Metabase Version 0.21.1
-There are 31 rows returned and 31 pie slices

I couldn’t exactly reproduce this, but I’m on OS X, and not using MariaDB. Pie slices didn’t begin to choke for me until I got to around 100 pie slices. 30 or so ran fine. So it looks like we’re going to have to see if it’s an issue specific to MariaDB and/or Windows 7.

That’s the strange thing though, everything runs smoothly when I run this query on the entire database (which has far more slices). It’s only when I add the date filter that things slow down, and it’s specific to Chrome.

On a whim I decided to try it out on Chrome again, and now everything is running perfectly. No clue why, I haven’t changed anything, it just works now.

glad it’s working. have no idea why filtering by day caused the lag/crash.

is this on a dashboard or a single question?

Yeah, very strange.

It was doing it on both the question view and any dashboard it was included in.