Table relations and merge

Hi all,

i have 2 questions working properly in table view, these tables having the same id number column (FK).

how can i create view merging both of queries in one table view depend on id number column.

thanks in advance.

Hi @ahmedali92
I don't understand. Can you explain in more details?
And post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting, and the database type you're using.

Oracle DB
if i have 2 question with native sql each one present table with few column one of this column is (id) and its available with the same value in both tables.

i need to create dashboard with table view showing both questions as one table using (id) as FK

@ahmedali92 Okay, I don't understand what the question is. But you'll need to create the View on the database, not in Metabase, then Metabase will just see the View as a regular table.
You'll likely find much better help on how to write your query in a Oracle specific forum or, since that is not specific to Metabase.