Table Reloading with unrelated dashboard filter changed

I have a dashboard that includes a number of different visualizations. This whole dashboard has 2 filters that can be adjusted to update all of the visualizations. One of these visualizations is a table. It only uses one of these filters. It displays information and one of the fields in the table can be selected to updated 1 of the 2 dashboard parameters.

So as a recap - Table is being driven by 1 parameter, clicking on table field updates the other parameter.

Here is my issue- When a table field is selected (to change the parameter not driving the table) it causes all of the dashboard to refresh, this is an issue because the table has multiple pages of results so its a huge pain to have to go back and find my page again. I would understand this behavior if this table was being driven by the parameter that is changing, but it isnt.

Any ideas of a workaround?

Hi @pete_hartnett
You are seeing these two issues - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post of each issue:

Ah, Thanks @flamber