Text space for notes and data source


I’m discovering metabase, and having a very good impression.

However, playing with some data, I miss at the visualization options a space to write text. Although data can be very expressive, in my use case it is crucial to tell the audience data source, and some notes about the methodology of data collection. There may be other needs.

Is such a space for text field available somehow? If not, would you consider adding it?


Hi and welcome Alan.

This issue has come up a lot and they are working on it. Please leave your reaction on this github issue:

I think it won’t be long

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Hi Joe,

Thanks a lot for the answer. Although this feature would be extremely useful, what I was wondering is slightly different.

On scientific works, besides showing data, it is always a good practice to display the source of data, and maybe also some notes about the methodology of these data.

Thus, this should be a property of each data question to be attached to each chart, table or map. I tried to make a picture of what I have in mind:

Are you aware of any open issue regarding this? Or should I open one?


Hi, totally second your request, just maybe as a quick workaround, you can have a description for every question already, that´s where I put in my data sources and descriptions right now. Not ideal but for now :slight_smile:

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