Thank you Metabase!

This post is not for help …
Thank you to the Metabase community and especially to @flamber .
This week I was able (after a @flamber start) to generate a java method that generates a tokenized url from a dashboard to be placed (embedded) in a web application. But method still needs some adjustments, for example, I need to define the lifetime of the token (life time of about 10 minutes, for example). I still do not know how, but I can do it.
Today, at the end of the day, I was able to validate the license of the enterprise edition. But I will only configure authentication with SAML on the next business day (04/29, Monday).
I am very happy and enthusiastic about the possibilities of this tool. I just have to thank you.

Lourival Oliveira


Great - good work!
Just for a note, the samples in the upcoming version will include expiration too - #9841
If you post your Java code you’re using to generate the token (do not include secret keys!), then it might be easier to help adding the exp parameter - or just which JWT module you’re using.

Don’t you need some JWT library? You can set expiration with JwtClaims - see example 11:

I don’t know much Java, so you’re probably better off asking on or some other forum.
Have a look at this site, that describes JWT and JWS:
You can use the verify tool to check your JWT.