The CSV that is generated for a query takes into account the default values of the variables

We have a query that hits a table and gets all the records created within the time span.
The dates are made variables - start_date and end_date in the format of yyyymmdd.
We have set default values for both these variables.
Upon giving different values for the variables and hitting ‘Get Answer’ I am getting the expect correct results.
But when I download the CSV, it is generated using the default values given instead of the values we entered to get the results.
Just to be more certain, I made the values as optional to skip the default values and entered dates, the ‘get answer’ yielded the expected data set, and the csv download gave me an error saying the date was an issue as it considered blank instead of the dates given by us.

I am guessing the CSV is generated on page refresh dues to which the default values are picked up. Can I have your thoughts on how to fix this?

I have the same issue, anyone could solve it?


Hi both,
I don´t have a solution for that, just to add: maybe the date field is the issue here, as I have several optional category or text filters and the csv gives exactly the expected results.
My metabase version is 0.25.1.
Hope that can be solved soon!
Cheers, Eva