The look/feel of collections main screen on .41.5


We have several self hosted metabase , some with collections with differente permissioned user groups.

It used to be that under a collection - the main 'pinned' area would look like (1) below.

Now it looks like (2) which is not nearly as nice. Is there some way to get look (1) so the users on that metabase/collection have continuity of the look and feel - and frankly it just looks nicer.

OR - is that lost with 41.5 - save me continuing to pull my hair out trying to figure out how to get it back.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @jazz78
That's how pinned objects are displayed, since version 0.40.0 if I remember correctly. There's work being done to give a better overview on the homepage, which might adjust the collections too.
You "1" is a screenshot of the homepage, while "2" is a screenshot of the collection, which has always diverted a bit in the looks.

Hi @flamber - thanks for confirming it is gone, save me spending more time trying to figure it out. Yep - we leapfrogged some upgrades (with collections) from pre .40.0 ( i think .37 or .38) straight to .41.5 explains why this is the first i'm noticing it.

Super about the work to give a better overview on the homepage, my fingers crossed it adjusts the collections to offer a similar or improved look/feel.

This is livable, just visually a step backward in my opinion, and loss of visual continuity.