The metabase language is the language of the browser: why?

In the platform the language cannot be changed “The default language for this Metabase instance. This only applies to emails, Pulses, etc. Users’ browsers will specify the language used in the user interface.”.

Why? I think can be the default, but I would like to have the interface in english instead of italian (my browser language) because english is my work language and all the jargon about database are normally in english.

Can you reconsider your choice?

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Hi @marciuz
There’s already work being done on having a setting - it’s scheduled for milestone 0.34.0, but that’s not always a guarantee it will make it in that version. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Great, done!

Still in Development in April 2020.

just checked and saw this is chanced to 0.36.
Also upvoted.

Hope it works out.