The setting problem of date

The by month of year can't show.Is there a problem about the format of the date.Or is there any ways to solve the problem of show date by month.the problem attached:

Hi @twinkle
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
The field datee is recognized as a string, so what is the actual underlying database column type?

The actual underlying database column type is string,is there any ways to solve the problem?

@twinkle Yes, change it to date column, then most programs will be able to handle the column correctly and effectively.

Do you mean that I should change the raw data to date column or I can change the data from the Native query result to date column.

@twinkle Computers needs to have structured data to be able to do things, so yes, change the column to date, or create a view with casting, or cast it manually in SQL.

How can i do by castiing it manually in SQL?

@twinkle I have no idea which database type you are using, but cast(datee as date) or you might need to parse the date in a more strict format. Try looking in your database documentation.

Thank you!