The token has expired!

Hello guys,

When a token expires, the Metabase displays an “Token expired” message. How to customize this message to something like “Token Expired - Please reopen the Dashboard / Question” ?

I would guess that you can check when the token expires in your app, since you generated it, and then refresh the embeds with a new token or display some message.


But the dashboard is embedded within “iframe” in my application, so the message displayed is from Metabase, so I wanted to customize this message.

But your app is in control, so you could hide the iframe and display a pretty message.
Otherwise, I would guess you would either have to use a reverse proxy to modify that specific string, or build your own version, where you’ve changed the string.

I see … it makes sense!
Tell me one thing, the Metabase source code, is available under the AGPL license, right? Can we contribute to the community by translating (and / or editing) system messages?

Yes, Metabase is open source and is available on Github:
If you want to help with translations, then you can do that via

Very good…
I will support translations as soon as possible.

Thank you!