There's GOT to be a Better Way! Admin Login Reset

I installed Metabase via Cloudron at my volume url.

In other words, I have an url hosted at my account set up specifically to host Metabase as the main standalone dashboard when the url is served in a browser.

I tried installing Metabase directly but getting my linodes IP to serve Metabase as an ssl protected https application presented difficulties that neither linodes staff or numerous tutorials could solve for me.

So, I installed Cloudron. Cloudron then installed its own version of non-professional Metabase which just worked first time. I assume this also installed Docker which is what really served up the Metabase package.

But the end of the set up said this --

Metabase Package v1.15.2

This app is set up to authenticate with the Cloudron User Directory. Cloudron users can login and use it immediately.

This app is pre-setup with an admin account. The initial credentials are:

Email: admin@cloudron.local

and a too simple, very public password.

Obviously I have to reset this login.
But I cannot do it in the Admin Dashboard once signed in to Metabase.

Cloudron forums have not offered a clear way to do this specifically for Metabase without resetting my entire Cloudron admin login.

And HERE the Metabase forum discussions make this necessity sound like it requires a whole re-installation, or "accessing the H2 databas", or some shenanigans to hopefully generate a token that then must be applied correctly to make it to the next step ....

This has to be a huge omission on the part of Metabase that I have never encountered in other applications that can be self-hosted.

How do I logically perform this Admin login credential reset from the installation default, please?

Hi @ThunderPoet
You can change the password when logged into Metabase > :gear: > Account settings:

Cloudron documentation shows how to do reset if you are logged out:

And just to be clear, Metabase does not come with a default user or password, it's how Cloudron have decided to make their setup, so you should write to them.

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