Timeout error while adding Bigquery database

Problem Statement :

  1. We wat to successfully run Metabase application in production environment using GCP Bigquery Dataset.
  2. Since we are using CIS image to create VM we have restrictions to use internet.

Issues :

  1. We are not sure if H2 database allowed us to connect to GCP Bigquery or not. We followed all the given steps but got time out error.
  2. While Metabase connecting with BQ, does it using any open internet api's during this process...if yes, it could be an potential issue as we need to whitelist that specific api then.
  3. In case, is it possible to add some important URLs to successfully run application. if yes , What are those URL's.

Steps we perform :

  1. Created 1 VM sing CIS image.
  2. Created docker container on VM to hold metabase application.
  3. Imported latest Metabase image into the docker.
  4. Set the firewall rule to run metabase using port 3000.
  5. Metabase image successfully run and open the application on H2 database.