Timeout issue connecting to oracle

OS:ubuntu 16.04
metabase docker install
firewall disable

I try to connect metabase to an oracle database but time out issue always happens. I try other software on the same server to connect to the database it works well. The connection I used is jdbc:oracle:thin:@TPWBIDBPRD:1521/BIPROD", user=“ANT”. The password I input in metabase is also correct.

I upload the login setting in metabase and logs. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong here?


Hi @kane822
Which version of Metabase?
If you run things in Docker, then you might have issues with DNS resolution, so your problem is likely that TPWBIDBPRD cannot be resolved to the IP address.
Make sure that the container can resolve the hostname or use an IP address.
And you can easily check your Oracle logs for any connectivity, just to see if Metabase even reaches the database or not.

Hi mate

Thanks for your quick reply. I use the latest version of Metabase. You’re probably right. Anyway I probably will try IP address rather than deal with DNS issue in docker.