Timeout when listing tables on data model

Hi, I'm trying to access my mongoDB database data model in order to solve the problem mentioned here.

I have many questions working perfectly for the same database. However, when I try to list the tables on the data model a timeout occurs and html below is shown. I've been looking for some log that could help solve the problem on both metabase and mongo container, but nothing meaningful found so far.

Any ideas on what else I could try?

My metabase version is v0.40.7

Hi @iago
The timeout is caused by your reverse-proxy (Cloudflare in your case). Try disabling it.
There has been several optimizations with requests in later versions, but the Data Model takes a while to load if you have a very big database structure, since Metabase tries to get everything at once.

@flamber thanks! I will check it. Does metabase use the approach of only reading the first 100 records in order to determine the data model?

@iago No, Metabase will scan the first 10,000 documents to create the data model.

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