Timeseries graphs going to zero for NULL value when "Linear Interpolated" selected with BigQuery

I have timeseries data coming from BigQuery and there are quite a bit of missing data (see below)


I’m trying to get a timeseries graph with linear interpolation done to fill in the gaps in the missing data.
However, what ends up happening is the missing data goes to 0

Is there anything I can do to get the desired outcome?

This is what the graph currently looks like:

Hi @gearoid
Currently (0.33.4) there’s no way to display a timeseries with an irregular series of dates.
The only way is to use Ordinal.

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Thanks @flamber, I’ll stick with Ordinal. It would be great if timeseries was an option in the future!

@gearoid I agree, but I think the priority right now is the fix timezone issues, which is causing problems for some people (specially if users are located in different timezones).
Just for reference, I’m sure one of these issues matches your problem - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post:
There’s a lot of similar issues open, but they are specific to timezone problems.

Thanks @flamber, those issues look familiar alright! I’ve upvoted :slight_smile: