Timestamp not interpreted correctly in viz. (Metabase-Druid)

I am using Metabase to build dashboards based on data stored in Druid. My data source has multiple timestamp fields(eventTime and ingestionTime). One of which is configured as the timestampSpec(eventTime) in Druid. The default type assigned to ingestionTime is "type/Integer". I have type casted ingestionTime from UNIX-milliseconds to date-time in the Metabase data models configuration.

When I try to build a viz. with GROUP BY on eventTime, it is rendering as expected. But if I apply GROUP BY on ingestionTime, it is not showing the correct dates. All the dates default to 1-1-1970.

By the way, after type casting, the date-time(ingestionTime) is shown correctly in the raw data table. The issue occurs only when we try to GROUP BY on that field.

Metabase version - v0.40.2 (Built on 2021-08-03)

Hi @rushang7
You should upgrade immediately to a newer release: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/security/advisories/GHSA-vmm4-cwrm-38rj