Tooltip unexpected behavior


Having a little unexpected behavior with visualization tooltips, in particular, the way fields are displayed in the tooltips when using native SQL queries.

First issue is an overall problem: I can’t figure out how to have “human readable” column names in the tooltip. This behavior happens in spite of renaming the columns in Settings > Display for the visualization except for the column I’m currently hovering.

Here is a couple pictures to demonstrate - I hover one series and the column name displays properly for that series only:

And when I hover the next series, it displays properly for that one:

When you hover over a different series, the human readable name comes through for the hovered series only.

This is only true for data that is pre-pivoted by my query, with a tabular output similar to:

       | volume |   count |
week 1 | 123.45 |  67,891 |
week 2 | 234.56 |  78,912 |
week 3 | 345.67 |  89,123 |

If the data is not already pivoted by my query, i.e.:

       |   type |  amount |
week 1 | volume |  123.45 |
week 1 |  count |  67,891 |
week 2 | volume |  234.56 |
week 2 |  count |  78,912 |
week 3 | volume |  345.67 |
week 3 |  count |  89,123 |

The tooltip behavior changes so that it doesn’t show any of the other series’ in the visualization, only the hovered one:

So I would like to know:

  1. How I get the “human readable” column names to consistently appear in the tooltips
  2. If there is any sort of advanced behavior control over the tooltips, like:
    a. Controlling which series’ do or don’t appear
    b. Showing a summary (e.g. column or row total)
    c. Showing related data from another column (e.g., visualization is showing purchase volume, additional data in tooltip is showing transaction count)

I really would like to get (1) fixed, and (2) would be nice to have/I can make a feature request for it.

Thank you!

Hi @jbrooks

Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.

  1. Humanization is not active for Native questions. Those column names are controlled by your query. If not, then it’s a bug.
  2. Not sure what you’re asking here - seems like it’s various different things.

It would help a lot if you can reproduce the problem with Sample Dataset, since we have all access to that.