'Trend' Visualisation Bug

I am trying to understand the % increase and decrease in the number of orders on a daily basis.
Sure, I do have a line chart, which tells me if I am doing better or worse from yesterday but it does not tell me how much better or worse I am doing. This is where the trend visualization in Metabase comes really handy.

Let’s consider this situation -
Date # Orders
6/03. 3
7/03. 6
8/03. 12

Now, when I check on 7/03 it will show me 6 orders today which is fine. But when I see on 8/03 it still shows me 6 orders today.
When I dug into it, I figured that I checked at 10 am on 8/03 and the first order placed was at 11 am on 8/03.
This means it will keep showing the previous day’s result until there is a new entry on the current day rather than just showing 0 for the current day.

Can this be changed to show 0 for the current date? Please let me know if anyone has any idea about this.

Which version of Metabase? Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
You would have to return 0 for the days, where no orders have been made yet, otherwise it doesn’t have the data and will use the last record for comparison.

I am currently on 0.34.0

I understand that I will have to return 0 for the current day until no orders are placed, but how do I do that?

@Tarun Upgrade to 0.34.3 - it fixes several other issues.
Then you would have to loop through all days and return 0 for the ones that don’t have any data.