Trend Visualization not capturing correct last day

Hey, I'm running into an issue with my trend visualization. Basically I want to see a daily change in companies created. On record we have 2800 days that our on system, which beats the row limit of 2000 in the query results. So seems to be happening is that the trend visualization is taking the 2000th date on the results, feb 23 2021. What I need for it to do is to take todays date and compare it to yesterdays, but these results lay outside the row limit so I'm not sure on what I can do. Any help would be grand! thanks

Hi @Ahmadal
There's no need to get so many records, you just need two.

select * from (
  --your query here, but ending with the following
  group by "Companies Created"
  order by "Companies Created" desc
  limit 2
)x order by "Companies Created" asc
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perfect thank you!