Trend visualization options (Not dynamic?)

I'm building a web analytics style dashboard, and there's a couple things I'd like to potentially make happen from a 'trend' POV, that don't seem to work, along with a desire to use a {{created}} style variable.

  1. OK, I can totally make a 'Number' style visualization, with the {{created}} that is controlled by a dashboard, and it will work fine, with relative dates or date ranges. But

  2. I looked at using the Trend Chart ... and as far as I can tell, you can't just have a single {{created}} and it be smart about looking at 'earlier period'. You have to group-by a date field. But also to group-by a date field means that you need to decide what the comparison metric is. Like 'per day', 'per week', 'per month'. etc. I'd like it to just be able to use the SQL variable I have set up, and do the math itself. How could I accomplish something like that?

  3. I also looked at the Time Series Comparison page: ... Thinking I might just do that. However that has a similar issue. You have to have predetermined the 'range' of the comparison. Then the UI is just letting you group it differently essentially. I'd really again want a way to provide a date range, see the data for that range, and then see a comparison range automatically provided that matches it.

Any ideas for me here?

Hi @EliW
You can use variables for all SQL questions no matter which visualization type you're using.
Though, the Trend visualization is different than the rest, since the calculation is being done elsewhere.
It's currently not possible to make configurable period in Trend: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post