Trouble connecting Redshift

Hi all,

I have trouble connecting a new Redshift cluster to my Metabase account. If I try this new host name my changes won't save and it raises the following error:


Could somebody help me out with this?

Hi @sergivandenberg
Either the host is incorrect, or your Redshift is firewalled (then allow Metabase), or behind a VPC (then you need Metabase inside the VPC or connect via a SSH bastion).

Thanks for the quick response!

I have put the metabase IP addresses at both the inbound and outbound rules for the security group. Does that suffice?

@sergivandenberg If your Redshift was firewalled, then yes, you need to allow inbound traffic from your Metabase instance.
If you are using Metabase Cloud, then it's these IPs:

We are hosting Metabase ourselves apparently. How does that change things here?

@sergivandenberg If your new Redshift is in a VPC that is only available on private subnet, then you'll need to either make it available to the internet (still firewalled to only Metabase can access it) or setup a jump-host like SSH tunnel.

@sergivandenberg I have no idea which outgoing IPs your self-hosted Metabase is using, so you'll need to figure that out. It depends solely on your setup. I cannot answer that.

Ok, thanks for the help!

I changed some stuff in AWS, now it says the following:

Since it is a different error I can assume everything is correct on the firewall/vpc aspect right?

@sergivandenberg Go to Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs to see more details

Hi @flamber ,

I don't think I see anything useful in the logs. Can I download those somewhere such that you can take a closer look? That would be amazing!

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@sergivandenberg Post the logs here, which happens around the time of the connection problems.
You should contact the people running your Metabase instance for help.